From Apr. 16, 2013- First Post on Old Blog- Meaning Behind My Title

As my first entry in my blog, I would like to explain my seemingly obscure title. It came to be when I was explaining my menagerie of misfortunes to one of my friends. With contemplation being one of his natural hobbies, as mine is, he kept thinking about the way I described my issues and came to an epiphany one day and said, “I know what you are doing. You are suffering with grace.” Meaning, he sees me going through endless struggles, yet not getting angry, or acting in an angry manner towards anyone. He noticed how I think through my problems and go deeper than I need to…basically analyzing every possible side of the spectrum. And, he’s right! There are many times where I find myself, lost in thought over a situation, only for the mere fact that I want to get to the root of the issue, find explanations/reasons, then, possible justifications as well as multiple solutions. This is a tactic I only recently took on. Lately, I have been finding it most helpful. Not only has suffering with grace taught me how to be more humble, but it is also helping me prescribe myself with my own healing medicine of the mind.


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