From Apr. 16, 2013- The Burden of Truth

Why must there be
A price to pay
Even when you are trying
To walk away
From the darkness and sin you once knew?

The stain embedded deep
That no amount of rights
Can make clean
What will it even mean
When that stain becomes lost in time?

Sometimes it’s hard to do what’s right
And easy to do what’s wrong
You could never see my game
The way I once saw it
Still- the deadly game I played all the same

I played- hard- until I felt I won
A bittersweet victory I sought and gained
Held on to the power rising-
That high I beheld
Sometimes the kings fall to play jester’s games

That power quickly vanished to pain
Burning, searing, branding my soul
With insurmountable suffering
In which I have grown weak
No longer do I possess strength for the game

It’s all over now
Power drained and I realize I lost
Lost against the burden of truth
But where there’s loss, there’s gain
To bring us closer- to teach us

I pray now it’s no longer
A burden- this truth
Let it shed a light
In this darkening time
So much went wrong- still truth can make it right


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