From Apr. 18, 2013- Love Always Remains

If there’s anything I have learned in this cruel, barren world, it’s that you can always find love in the most unexpected places. My most recent situation involves a winding road filled with unexpected roadblocks, sudden U-turns, and drastic downhill slopes with sharp corners. Not to mention, it’s long and seemingly endless. I’ve been travelling this roller coaster of a road, nonstop, for weeks on end now. There’s a point during the travel though, where I swerved and crashed, and became trapped in the wreckage. Unable to untangle myself from the mess that I created. Alone without anyone to save me. Alone, without love…
Time passed. Eventually, I came out of the wreckage, alive. When I did, I decided I had to tell my family members about the wreck. Never did I want to tell them, for fear that they would be angry and upset, and not forgive me for such an act. Then, in the midst of all hopelessness, a moment of redemption shined it’s beautiful light on me. Those family members did not chastise me, hate me or wish to disown me. All they wanted to do was care about me. More concern and worry was given throughout this whole thing than anything. What a stunning revelation this was to me! It was my aunt and uncle, along with my grandparents who chose to love me more.
Currently, I believe they are loving me more than my parents right now. They are too blinded by their selfishness, ignorance, prejudice to see the light that I am trying to shed to fix everything. If only I could go back and choose to take a different road, so that I didn’t end up in that ditch. Yet, I cannot. I don’t regret it though. I choose not to have regrets in life. For they only lead to self-hatred that yields no positive results. Since I don’t regret, I learned to embrace the situation, any and every situation really, that is less than perfect. I embrace the lessons that can be learned and gained from them. For they, unlike regret, will be most purposeful in life.
No matter what happens though, even if my parents decide to make the wrong decision, I will still love them and not regret what I did. I know I have other supporters who are keeping me strong throughout this all, they are the ones that care about me the most, are most willing to aid me in my time of need, and those are the ones that will always prove the near impossible these days- that love always remains.
And sometimes, love is all you need. It can save you from the darkest of times when you feel all is lost, when you’re on your knees about to give in to the pain and suffering. Love can save your life.

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