From Dec. 31, 2013- Ye Olde New Year’s Resolutions

Yep. It’s that time again. That time where people freak and panic over their current state of being and scramble to look back and find every tidbit of what went wrong and how to fix it. I wouldn’t say that I fall into that category, as I’m sure many others don’t. Rather, I’d say I fall into a category of the people that quietly sit down and patiently recollect important events (good or bad) from the previous year, and thoughtfully plan out solutions and ways to continue the good things. This is something that’s so much easier said than done!! For every year, I’ve found myself making these seemingly silly and pointless resolutions only to either forget about them or fail in bringing them to fruition. This can be stressful, and lead you to believe that everyone is living on false hopes and behind the walls of so called resolutions. Yet, for me, I am quietly searching now…for the things that I can honestly and solidly change in the upcoming year, for this past year was not ideal. For about half the year, I was struggling with finding inner happiness and fighting for it, then fighting for the parents and family I loved. I want to move on from that all now. I’m ready. Will I forget what had happened? Of course not. Will I learn from every event, conversation and action that occurred within that time? Absolutely. These are all parts of my story. I can’t lose the pages, but I can flip back through them, to learn and move on as a much stronger individual.

So, here are a few of my resolutions that I will do my best to not forget and to uphold as much as I can:
  1. Continue in my endeavor to be completely honest. With myself. With others. Always.
  2. Let go of inner fears that have held me back for years. Let Love guide.
  3. Overcome the fears of others that seem hold me back…possibly try to help them overcome their fears.
  4. Continue my relationship with the man I love. No matter the cost. No matter the struggles. He’s the only one currently that brings me true happiness.
  5. See a brighter future and quit hopelessly focusing on all the things that I think I’ll never have- start focusing on all that I could and will have.
I think these are reasonable resolutions. They make sense within me, and I wouldn’t want to let myself down in anyway, like I’ve already done…especially this past year. No more. I’m taking a stand for myself and everyone else that I may have hurt in the past. I’m living for love!! 🙂
Here’s to a wonderful, transforming 2014 filled with the most profound love, the purest happiness and blissful peace.

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