From June 11, 2013- What is Eternal?

One of my favorite Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs, “What is Eternal?” from Beethoven’s Last Night (2000), poses some good, deep questions, that I just started pondering lately with a friend. The lyrics go: “And here in this night, as I feel the inferno, I stare in the dark, thinking- what is eternal? The man or the moment? The act, or the reason?…” So, my friend decided to bring up some interesting points about that one question…what is eternal? The man or the moment? He asked his own question then answered:

“Can the man, over the course of a lifetime erase that one moment?  I think the answer depends on the interpretation of eternity. If eternity were an elongation of time, then the man would be eternal, and the moment would be almost meaningless.”

I responded saying that I don’t think a moment could ever truly be erased, rather, just overridden by the next moment and the next and the next. Kind of like waves in the ocean, one waves crashes right into the next, creating a beautiful display in the ocean. Our lives are like the ocean, and the moments, the waves. Eternity is the universe in which they both exist; the moon, pulling the waters over and over again.

That response that my friend made, also poses this question in my mind…how many moments are truly meaningful in our lives? Are they all meaningful? Considering cause and effect of every little thing we do, which can connect to the bigger picture? Or are only the larger, more significant moments meaningful? Because those are the ones that impact us and possibly others the most? …I personally believe every moment in life, no matter how small, or large, is significant. And all those moments add up and even can come back to us in some way. It’s a cycle.

Back to the original question…man is not eternal, well man’s soul is, but as for moments, I like to believe that some are. That when we transcend to another life, moments and memories follow to be looked back upon. The same with both act and reason combined.

Then again, maybe in the end, they all wouldn’t matter. Because we’d be in a completely new realm; a place where those past moments and memories wouldn’t have any meaning compared to what was to come in eternity…


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