From May 16, 2013- End of Semester Thoughts

This semester has been one of the most challenging since freshman year. Not so much academically, but more so emotionally. I struggled immensely with family and friends and became depressed more than I ever wanted to. I never thought I’d feel so down, guilty, beaten, broken, lost and afraid. There were too many tears than I wished to cry, and knots in my stomach that I cared to feel. Yet, somehow, by the grace of God and some incredible friends and family members, I was able to regain my strength, pick myself up, and confidently and positively move forward. I fought hard to make things right again and not be depressed and destroyed. Looking back on the hardships now makes me come to a couple conclusions: Though times were hard and some things were my own fault, I do not regret what happened. My struggles made/continue to make me who I am today- A stronger individual with the passion to overcome them along with my own personal faults. …I want to thank those who lifted me up, listened and cared. You made a world of difference and I am eternally grateful!! šŸ™‚ I’m thrilled to say I’m ending the semester on a much better, happier note!! šŸ˜€
Also, going along with this, I feel I have become more confident in my attempts to be more open and honest. I want to leave my old self behind, and nurture my new self. I wish to share and spread my insights on my life’s situations in an open manner to show the more “human” side of life…and to do something that not many do…being comfortable in their own skin. Knowing their own faults, admitting to them, living up to them, and taking theĀ repercussionsĀ from them, and then living to move on, let go and overcome them.

“Sometimes you got to be wrong, and learn from mistakes. I live with serenity now, not self-righteousĀ hate.” -Dream Theater


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