From Nov. 26, 2013- Integrity: Lifting the Veil of Everyday Expectations

One word- communication. We speak to numerous people every single day, but do we really think about the words that are being delivered and decoded? Probably not. With the rapid changes in technology that practically write our thoughts for us, where’s the meaning? How can we reclaim the lost art of actually speaking to another human, face to face?? I have been delving into the art of communication…not just as a necessary function, but as an experiment to see how good I really am at it. I’ve been paying attention more to how I phrase things, the timing of a response, how confident I am at saying it, and the most important one…seeing how honest I really am in both everyday conversation as well as the more meaningful ones.

I’ve learned there’s a lot that can go unsaid. And a lot that can get lost and be misinterpreted along the way if there’s a lack of honesty. The worst part, is if it’s not addressed, it just becomes an open invitation for judgment and unwanted emotions. If you can be open and honest with another, you can erase the opportunity for problems. It’s incredible, but it’s a challenge. With integrity comes great responsibility and the challenge of breaking out of your comfort zone. Well, for me it has been anyway, for both speaking it and hearing it. This can be taken back to that long lost friend mentioned in my previous post…he is the one who is inspiring me to take a closer look at this type of thing because he is the one working on it diligently and challenging himself.

Through talking with him extensively, I have learned that there’s more to communicating than meets the eye. During my reconnecting with him, there were a lot of questions asked, and a lot of answers given. Some not so clear at first, but with some refining, they became clear, and issues that even arose were cleared up. It’s an astounding transformation process that’s making me see what a lot of people don’t. They either don’t understand the importance of good communication or are ignorant, and refuse to take the time to do so. No wonder so many relationships and marriages fail!

If there’s anything I would change, it would be how I express myself towards others. Generally, I am upfront and honest, showing my true emotions, but I’ll admit there are times with friends that I don’t do that as much as I should. I’m hoping to continue my endeavor of bringing integrity back to life. I want to be about not holding back, or feeling ashamed over things I may believe in that others may not. I have a desire to bring issues out into the open as to clean them up so they don’t remain anchored in the past or within myself. And with the past, it’d be great to be able to discuss that, too. You can learn so much about yourself if you look back and make connections from then to now and even be able to solve lifelong issues that may have built up. There’s too much in life to enjoy in the now! This is why I choose not to have regrets. There’s no time to dwell and or feel bad about past actions or consequences. Happiness is about learning from mistakes, either self created or not, and moving on in a positive, constructive fashion. I’m learning it’s totally doable! As with Love, I want to take this a step further and show others that it’s not impossible to overcome issues they may have within themselves or others.

If you dig deep enough and become true to yourself, you can let go of a lot, therefore clearing space for love. Love needs that space to thrive and flourish. Begin with integrity, end with results of lifelong happiness and unimaginable love and freedom.


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