From Nov. 29, 2013- Thanksgiving Day: Thankful for Struggles

Happy Thanksgiving!! (A day late) As we celebrate this day that gives us happiness and hope, feasts and family, I want to address an unconventional element to be thankful for in life, and that is conflict. Not just those inevitable, everyday problems that trip us up, but rather deep, soul brandishing, heart wounding conflicts. The internal struggles that we come to face on a much deeper profound level when the time is right.

When a heart bleeds, it causes a reaction in the mind, a reaction that calls for action and healing. A bleeding heart yearns for another heart to reach out and touch it and the soul it’s contained in. The most difficult part of that process may not be the healing itself, rather, finding where the conflict is contained and what power it holds that creates fear. For me, the conflicts have been brought to me, revealed in a most astounding way from another. When one dares to dive into the depths of their heart, soul and mind to uncover hidden truths, they are taking a risk to leave what they always thought they knew behind, to find answers to the questions and doubts buried far within and the results can me magnificent, emotional and even frightening, because one can question their previous beliefs and begin to wonder and redefine what’s really important and what matters the most.

Why do we hide and hold fears and conflicts deep inside? Why are they not sought after until a certain person comes along to challenge a view or a certain circumstance arises that challenges it? I’m not sure I have the answer to those questions, but what I do know, is that everything happens for a reason, and timing is all somehow pre-planned for certain things and are destined to occur at just the right moment in your life. Sometimes, it’s best not to question from where the existence stems, but rather just accept it with open arms and embrace it. That’s the only way to survive the journey, and come out a changed person with a better understanding of yourself and others around you.

So, why am I thankful for internal, soul-stirring conflicts that arise when I least expect them? Because without them, life simply would lack a true meaning. If there isn’t something in your life that truly pains you, you aren’t seeing all that’s being offered. You are being close-minded to yourself and others, unwilling to challenge yourself and identify the issues to overcome them. I have come to believe in the notion that if you have passions, you will, at some point come to a crossroads and have to come face to face with their counterparts, those darker inhibitions you may or may not know you’ve had. You then have to stand up for yourself and your beliefs to erase the inhibitions completely. That may require letting go of a traumatizing past you have subconsciously clung to for years. Once that occurs, you can be free, cleared of unwanted transgressions, anger, fear, sadness, etc. Of course, sometimes, this can be daunting if done alone. It’s best to have a friend involved to help you see it through. A simple support system can sometimes mean the difference between life and death of conflict. I am thankful that I have someone that I’m helping and thankful that he’s helping me. It’s a two way street of equal giving and receiving of help and love.

I believe more people should take the time to explore themselves deeper to dig up old struggles that may be holding them back from living life to it’s full potential in the present. If they bring them up to the surface and face them head on with an open heart and mind, miracles of self transformation can occur and life could never be the same. Freedom would ensue. They too, in turn, could be thankful for even the hardest of times.

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