From Oct. 26, 2014- Finding Me

Joseph Campbell created a myth called the “Hero’s Journey”, which consists of, a stereotypical ‘hero’, or even an average person going through a cycle in which they: are called to an adventure. Have to cross a threshold into an unfamiliar and sometimes scary/dangerous place. Go through battles and emotional trials. Better themselves/grow to learn/gain from the experiences on the journey. Then cross the threshold back into their world to bring back to others what they have gained. We all have the ability to accept the call and go outside of our comfort zone to truly experience life and to learn what it has to offer…both the good and the bad. In the end, life is more fulfilling in the moment you realize you overcame boundaries and fears. You owe it to yourself to answer your life’s greatest callings and experience the journey that lies ahead.
This was my facebook status the other day that I posted, not long after Dave and I watched a brilliant movie/documentary called, “Finding Joe”. The movie contains several celebrities giving their stories of success using Campbell’s myth. Intertwined with the stories, the points are illustrated through the portrayal of children acting out each scenario and concept in a silly/cute way. Overall, the movie sheds light on way of living that mostly everyone experiences but just doesn’t realize. Or, it could shed light on a way of living that someone has never experienced.
Another random tie in with this, is that in my Medieval Lit. class I’m currently taking, we talked about this concept in regards to Beowulf, Sir Gawain and then Bilbo from The Hobbit. and LOTR. Apparently, I was meant to be learning about this and connecting it to my life right now.
My call to adventure was Dave. Time and time again he shared his hopes of having me free for both myself and ourselves, if I were to accept the call and break free. He told me that I could have anything I desired…it was all in my reach, all I had to do was reach out and take it. He inspired me to stand up for myself and live a life that I could call my own.
Crossing the threshold was actually destroying the wall, the strong bulwark that shielded me from greener grass and sweeter flowers. For me, the day I stepped out of my parent’s house and into Dave’s was the day I entered a new world in which I had only heard of but never experienced. In a sense, it was frightening…to just up and leave in an instant…to not think about the future, but to just act in the moment, somehow expecting the future to fall into place.
Emotional trials are pretty self-explanatory. Not long after I crossed my threshold, I had to return briefly. This was not an easy task. It was like returning to a cave in which you once dwelt…cold, unwelcoming and sad. I’d rather not compare my own home to a dingy cave, but there were no other feelings I felt upon my return. Tears streamed nearly from the minute I walked in to the moment I walked out. The hardest part of saying goodbye, is when you attempt to attach a heartfelt “I love you” to the end of that and it’s painstakingly rejected in that moment, and cruelly not returned.
Insofar, I am remaining on my path despite the battles and hardships along the way. Dreams of random occasions including my parents or other family members are never ceasing. At least 6 out of the past 7 nights, I have had a weird dream that embodied them in some way. I wake up confused and strikingly sad. I want them to end.
Dave and I are de-cluttering our lives in the meantime. As his house improves, his mind and spirit do, too. We’re constantly creating new adventures for ourselves. Adventures that include fun experiences as well as learning ones. Our lives combined as one are powerful. And it’s in this power and ultimate Love that I wish to return to my family. As the hero’s journey myth states, the hero returns to their original place to share what they have found, gained and learned. I’m not sure this will be doable in the near future, but I am holding the hopes in my heart that in the not too distant future, I will be able to return a changed hero. I will shed the light I’ve sought and gained onto those who are still in the dark.
“Chase this rising wind
Anchor released
No want of landing.
All in deep despair
Come feel the air
In its full finale.
And yes, the chase is on
I’ll look beyond
With the bedlam behind me.
And I embrace the sky
My soul will cry
May your wind ever find me”

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