Zen, Patience and Practice

I’ve just begun a new journey. As I’m looking to create a business for myself and not get confined to the corporate world, I’m reading some wonderful books to aid in my mindset for getting my life on track. The first one I read, since graduation, was titled, “How to Find the Work you Love”. I enjoyed that one a lot…small, easy to understand and loaded with inspirational quotes (sometimes, too many quotes, but still, they fit). It created a guideline of how to go about honing in on your on talents and finding out who you really are. Therein were focusing questions that challenged your view of your life and work in the modern age. Now, I’m reading the follow up book to that one…much, much larger, about 600 pages called, “Zen and the Art of Making a Living.” It’s similar, along the lines of being a guide, including the quotes, etc. But the main difference, is that it’s way more in-depth when it comes to digging down to the roots of society, nature, love, passion and the psyche of the individual.

Today, I just finished a section focusing on zen with art and poetry. Breathtaking and factual. Okay, to some it could be highly opinionated, but to me, a totally open-minded being, it’s wonderful. That section and the ones before spoke mainly of the great divide between humans and nature; humans and art. People tend to put themselves above nature and extract art from their daily lives because, to them, it isn’t practical. Yet, if you breathe, you are living, and if you’re living you are in nature. You aren’t just a part of it, you ARE nature. The subtleties of every breath a small animal in hiding makes, to the thunderous roar of lightning in the heat of summer…all are part of us. If we are to find out our true selves, we are first to accept that we were born of the Earth in which we share infinite characteristics. It takes time to go within, be silent, and hear the calling of what is always there, just beyond a door, wall or a window.

With art, it’s shared by those who painstakingly create it, not to show that they are some higher being to be revered and looked upon as a god, rather it’s shared by those who are aflame with passion and desire. They wish to inspire and create and show that they have no limitations. Creating isn’t about making money or cultivating a following of those who love your work, it’s about being pure in your intentions to simply share your heart.

I’m a poet, a writer, an artist. I’m learning Taoism and Buddhism and I can show the world what I’m capable of through my words and intentions. I wish to overcome a system of worn down people who can barely stand on their own two feet let alone think for themselves. Intent blended with a zen mindset will bring me to an enlightenment that will take me beyond what I could never imagine.


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