A Blessed Cleansing

About a month or so ago, I felt deeply moved. I’m not sure by what or who, but inside me stirred a yearning to be cleansed. I’ve done small cleansing ceremonies before, either with gemstones, or sage, but this time, my soul was being pulled towards water. Water is my element. With it I feel complete, part of it and in awe of it as it is both a creator and a destroyer. There’s a small stream across the street from our house and that’s where I decided I wanted to be cleansed. Dave came with me and we performed a beautiful ritual. He brought sage, and a turtle shell that he got from a native american powwow. Before I stepped into the chilly, trickling water, I was smudged…the smoke from the slowly burning sage blown across my body. Then once in the water, I carefully chose my intent of what I wanted to gain out of the little ceremony. Dave and I had been talking about a lot of different things, and some from the past, so one of the things I wanted to be freed from was those attachments. I desired to be free of the emotional attachments to my family who I recently surrendered in trying to create any kind of positive outcome with; I knew the time had come that I could no longer cling to memories, or heart-aching attempts to have them in my life or to get them to understand my life. So, with a scoop of cool, gentle water in that turtle shell, Dave poured it over my head as I declared I wanted to be free. It felt so amazing to symbolically solidify my intentions. After that, I chose a couple other things I wanted to be released from, and again, the water came over me with grace. With every wash, I could feel the “dirtiness” be rinsed away and carried far beyond me. Finally, the last thing I wanted to be cleansed of, was my sexual past. All that I’ve done to myself and to hurt others. With being with Dave and slowly reclaiming my innocence, in that moment, standing in a stream not too far from the street, I wanted to completely reclaim it. I returned to innocence in that time, when Dave and I hugged and cried and then when he poured, once more, the water over my head. I felt it trickle down my entire body, I felt it seep into me and my soul. I wanted that water to reach every dark part of me and eradicate any traces of darkness that were left. And that, I believe it did.

I proceeded to cleanse Dave afterwards, as he had some things he wanted to be freed of also. Overall, it was a beautiful, sacred, and moving time. But, it was also a time of enlightenment and joy…freedom and bliss. We spent time after the cleansing searching for special stones for each other. Appropriately, Dave found for me a pure white one. For him, I found a white one as well. It was a simple gesture that held so much meaning.

I would suggest this type of cleansing for anyone who is going through an emotional struggle. You may think that it wouldn’t have an effect, as you could pour water over your head at any given time…but if you truly believe and set the intention that whatever you want to be washed away is being washed away, then so shall it be. What you believe is real.

I am free and hope you can be too! Happy cleansing!