What I’ve Found

I have found a path in life.

I have found God in every leaf in nature.

I have found pain and suffering.

I have found bliss and happiness.

I have found beauty in the ugliest places.

I have found my purpose.

I have found profound love.

I have found mysteries and adventures.

I have found answers and meaning.

Some of these things were easily found and some were not.

But as I collect my experiences, both good and bad, I remind myself that they are mine to keep.

No one can reach out a hand and snatch them away.

No one can speak deceitful or hurtful words, as they are like wispy smoke in dry air–light, transparent, meaningless.

They will drift off and vanish.

I have found a lesson in all of my experiences and kept every single one as to grow, shine and persevere.

And in those lessons, I have found transformation.

The caterpillar has to descend into its own darkness to emerge as a brilliant butterfly with wings that can carry them beyond any realm they’ve ever seen or been before.

In my transformation, I have found peace.

May you find peace and pleasure on your journey all the way through.


One thought on “What I’ve Found

  1. This is surely one of the most beautiful blog posts you’ve ever made 🙂
    I love not only the deeper meaning behind it, but the flow and pause between each line so as to fully grasp and comprehend your thoughts and message.
    You’re a beautiful person,… a beautifully Transformed Person
    You’ve made it through 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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