The Art of Floating: Part III

My second and last stream of consciousness that occurred while in the float tank…

Is this what it feels like to be dead? Peaceful, enclosed in darkness, without any feeling? What if this is what everyone experiences after death…no Heaven with palaces, mansions, angles and streets paved of gold and no Hell with a burning lake of fire and torture. Just…nothingness. Or perhaps reincarnation really does occur. Maybe this is what the mighty, tall tress feel like…unable to move but alive, rooted for 100 years…a blade of grass, in an open field, undisturbed. Rooted, still, except for the breezes that come, the rains that fall and or the snow that lands softly. No sensations of hot or cold or pain or pleasure, yet able to watch many facets of life pass by. Maybe near a street, where all kinds of people are walking and talking or running or playing. Maybe near a house, where families live, breathe, eat, laugh, yell, sleep and thrive. As a tree, branches extended to reach more sunlight, way up high, away from harm. The only concern is a weary traveler coming to rest from a day of flight. I want to feel this peace, this deep profound stillness forever. No more anxiety, pain or depression. If this perfect stillness and balance is what occurs after death, well, I won’t be so afraid to go when my time comes.


The Art of Floating: Part II

One of my stream of consciousness thoughts while I was naked and afloat…

I am floating…wow, is this what it feels like to the astronauts in space…those in the space station? Wow. Pitch black…nothingness, I am in space and in nothingness. No stars, no sun, I’m on the dark side of the moon. I can feel the earth and gravity pull away from me. I’m in space, just me, alone…there might not be any galaxies, they might be all around me, they are inside of me. I am space. In a vacuum with no time or energy. Not even orbiting, just existing in perfect stillness. I’m not sure how to come back down and that’s okay with me. I wish to stay here; I wish to remain in this blissful exile where every human, creature, object and place are far, far away, beyond any realm ever believed to exist. The sun is blacked out– extinguished and still, I breathe and feel warm. I think there’s blood flooding my veins…my lungs are expanding. I try not to think. I don’t. There’s nothing again. This space is where I’m meant to be, I’m meant to live to feel to think to know what I haven’t known before. I’m not sure what I’m truly supposed to know…but it’s here, in this emptiness that I can know it. I can know anything. I feel safe, a perfect distance away and a perfect place to let go. I have let go. My weightlessness reminds me of this. My muscles have let go of the urge to keep resisting. How far I will travel, I’m not sure. Maybe I will remain in this one place, right above earth for eternity. The silence has taken over.